About Us

Who we are

We are a strategic advisory and equity investment firm with decades of experience in preclinical drug development.  Our extensive knowledge base covers all aspects related to advancing early stage drug candidates toward human clinical testing such as drug manufacturing, drug product formulation, analytical/bioanalytical methods development and animal safety, toxicology, pharmacology, immunology and pharmacokinetic testing.

We leverage our expertise by combining it with a wide range of preclinical services offered by our CRO affiliate, Calvert Laboratories in addition to trusted subcontractors to design and execute customized drug development partnership programs with preclinical stage biopharmaceutical companies.

Our in-house expertise is the enabler

Calvert LabsOur CRO affiliate, Calvert Laboratories (www.calvertlabs.com) is located near Scranton, PA and has been well recognized in the CRO industry as a high quality, well-respected and trusted partner both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for decades.  In the past five years alone, Calvert Laboratories has performed more than two thousand preclinical studies for over six hundred clients around the globe.  Never in the forty year history of the company has a study been rejected by any international government health service regulatory body for design or conduct.

In addition to lead identification and lead optimization services, Calvert Laboratories provides a wide array of preclinical services to help clients navigate their GLP testing needs prior to advancing their drug candidates into human clinical trials.  Calvert Laboratories offers exceptional capabilities in the performance of studies to support the safety and pharmacologic evaluation of nearly all classes of development compounds such as traditional small molecule drugs, biologics, proteins, peptides, gene therapy compounds, and monoclonal antibodies.    Calvert Laboratories also offers a wide range of immunology services, including many in vivo animal models to support efficacy testing.

How we work

We share both the capital risk, and the development risk with our partners by investing a portion of the normal, retail cost of IND enabling preclinical study services conducted at Calvert Laboratories for an appropriate stake in our partner’s company and in the potential future value of their drug development program.  Each investment is uniquely tailored to our partner’s needs, and they benefit by being able to lower the out-of-pocket cash expenditures normally required to complete their IND enabling animal safety and pharmacology studies.  Our team has world-class experience in the design and submission of IND enabling drug development programs to U.S. and international regulatory agencies, and we work closely with our partner to optimize their specific preclinical program to give them the best chance of achieving clinical and commercial success.

Many times, Calvert Research identifies, secures and manages preclinical services that are beyond those specifically offered by Calvert Laboratories via established relationships with our highly trusted subcontractors to ensure that a robust preclinical program is successfully completed prior to IND submission.

Calvert Research also works with many technology transfer offices and university scientists to help them understand what it takes to drive their discoveries forward through the preclinical development process.  If a technology is at a stage where Calvert can leverage its service offerings, we may partner with an academic institution to help create a company to advance the technology forward and then form a risk-sharing partnership with the new company.

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific preclinical development needs, and to explore whether our innovative Calvert Research partnership model may be right for you.